Bulgarcom Rental Ltd is part of the Bulgarcom Group, specialized in the rental of shuttering systems. Bulgarcom Rental Ltd has been working for more than 14 years for construction in Bulgaria. The company offers shuttering systems, produced by world-renowned brands such as Doka, Alsina, Destil, Layher, Hünnebeck, Gherardi, Peri and others. A team of engineers with years of experience and with the help of specialized software prepares optimal and economical solutions according to the clients’ requirements. Bulgarcom Rental Ltd has its own warehouse and repair base, where inspection, preparation and maintenance of the rental formwork elements, training of clients for work with formwork systems, repairs and recycling of shuttering elements are carried out. The diverse range of manufacturers and systems we offer allows us not only to fully secure the construction site, but also to complement the available sets of customers. Customer satisfaction is a top priority of the company.

General conditions

For more information and contacts:

Office  tel: +359 2 813 97 32

e-mail: rental@bulgarcom.bg

Manager: Petar Kostadinov  tel: +359 88 631 7828

Responsible warehouse Elin Pelin: Valentin Chopov  tel: +359 88 683 5525