Bulgarcom offers to their customer’s services with own cranes up to 200 tons. In our fleet we have the following car cranes:

We are working according to the requirements and standards of the European Association of Crane Loads and Trucks ESTA, (http://www.esta-eu.org/node/103), in accordance with the Regulation on the Safe Operation and Technical Supervision of Lifting Equipment (promulgated SG 24.10.2014). and our General Conditions for Renting Mobile Cranes.

Faun ATF50G-3, YOM 2008

Max. Lifting Capacity:50 t
Boom: 10 – 40 m
Max. Sheave height: 57 m
Max. radius: 44 m

Faun ATF 65G-4, YOM 2009

Max. Lifting Capacity: 60 t
Boom:11 – 44 m
Max. Sheave heightа: 60 m
Max. radius:46 m

Tadano Faun ATF 90G-4, YOM 2011

Max. Lifting Capacity: 90 t
Boom: 11,1 – 51,2 m
Max. Sheave height: 71 m
Max radius:56 m


Tadano ATF 100G-4, YOM 2015

Max. Lifting Capacity: 100 t
Boom: 11,1 – 51,2 m
Max. Sheave height: 71 м
Max radius:56 m

Tadano ATF 130G-5, YOM 2018

Max. Lifting Capacity: 100 t
Boom: 12,8 – 60,0 m
Max. Sheave height: 95 м
Max radius: 72 m

Liebherr LTM 1230-5.1, YOM 2019

Max. Lifting Capacity: 230 t
Boom: 12,7 – 75,0 m
Max. Sheave height: 89 m
Max radius: 76 m


For the quality and fast execution of the service we can ensure:

  • Inspection on place for reccomendation of the most convenient crane;
  • Permission for driving on the roads;
  • Assistance if necessary to close the streer and change the circulation for safety work;
  • Professional and accurate lifting;
  • Service and technical support and checkings according the Reulations in case of longterm contract;
  • Transport of the mobile crane and the needed for the lifting counterwieghts.
  • Spedition (kransped.com) of mobile cranes of our partners.


For more information and contacs:

Vasil Kirkov

e-mail: office@bulgarcom.bg

mob: +359886700360