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Comansa 16LC260

The 16LC260 flat-top crane has a maximum reach of 70 metres, a jib-end load of 2,150 kg and comes in two versions with a maximum load of 10 or 12 tonnes.

Just like the other cranes in the Series, the 16LC260 features the COMANSAdouble trolley system for maximum crane performance, whether it be hoisting heavier loads near the tower or a greater jib-end load at a higher speed at the maximum radius.



All the hoist mechanisms available for this model (standard and optional) feature the Effi-Plus system, which ensures exceptional productivity thanks to its high hoist speed, as well as frequency control for better load control.

The 16LC260 comes standard equipped with the CUBE cab, which adds productivity, aesthetics and comfort to the workspace.

Maximum load Reach Jib-end load
Normal PowerLift
16LC260 12t 12t 70m 2.150 kg 2.360 kg

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